Thursday, 19 August 2010

Puzzle Games: The Backbone of PC Gaming?

During my "illustrious"career as a part time game reviewer I've always tried to maintain a balance of game genres on the site.

Ok that's not convincing, basically I've reviewed whatever has been thrown my way by generous developers and portal sites as well as a few titles I've just had to get myself. But I was surprised while looking at the new genre page for the site that I've reviewed more puzzle games than any other genre, and I even have two puzzle games that I'm reviewing right now!

I enjoy puzzle games, even ones without much of a point as long as the puzzles are interesting. I'm not so much of a fan of hidden object games however, even though I can kind of understand why people play them.

Time Management however is a different matter.I love em because there's usually a goal that you have to plan ahead for and having a time limit adds to the pressure and satisfaction when you complete a stage.

Most games include some kind of problem solving as it is, either through picking up an object and using it somewhere, or some kind of switch/key problem before being able to continue, or even some elaborate hacking game (eg, Bioshock/AlienSwarm.)

Essentially tower defense games are time management games with guns (or plants, bows and arrows, generally something that fires projectiles) so does that make these puzzle games too?

I recently opened the question up to the guys on the 4twin forum, which you can check out here. Currently everyone disagrees with me!

So I ask you, as a thoughtful reader, are puzzle games important to PC Gaming? Or, as my gaming colleague Pikey said do you want to "melt your mind, not improve it" ?

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