Friday, 13 August 2010

Shocked for the 3rd time: Bioshock Infinite

So the 3rd Bioshock game has been announced! This time it won't take place many fathoms under the sea, but rather...

well check out this trailer below from irrational themselves:

How awesome is that? During my short break from the site I had the fortune to play Bioshock 2 and while that wasn't created by Irrational it still gave me high hopes for the future of the series.

IGN, the lucky wotsits, were at the unveiling and had this to say:
"The demo showed off quite a lot for a game's debut. It gave us a look at a completely new setting among the clouds and a BioShock game with two compelling characters. Levine promises that by introducing two well-defined main characters, BioShock Infinite will make a huge leap in storytelling when compared to its predecessors. Though there was nothing revealed about the economic elements of Infinite or any hacking puzzles, this was just a first look. There's a lot more still to be revealed."
Very exciting, although we won't be playing it for a couple of years yet...

You can read their full article here

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