Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Space Game! Again!

I know I'm incredible slow at reporting this, probably a year late or more! But for those that enjoyed "The Space Game" which was, I believe my second review ever, you would probably want to know that the Casual Collective have put together a new set of levels which is, as before, completely free!

For those that haven't played this yet, it's basically a free form tower defense game. What do I mean by free-form? Well the enemies do not follow a set path but rather attack from all angles. Likewise you can place your towers pretty much anywhere!

In the case of TSG you need to link everything up via power nodes and make sure you're generating enough power and mining enough minerals to keep your towers upgraded and operational.

It's just as good fun as I remember, if a little uncharacteristic in the actual towers/items. But worth a go because, well it's free again!

Here are some tips: Build loops of energy relays (as shown) as if one of them breaks you still get power to the remainder of the loop. Don't go for missiles straight away (apart from the defensive missions where you have resources to start with. Build tons of miners as they you're unlikely to completely harvest any rock in a level, go nuts! But keep them protected...

Check it out via this link!

And the page on pc-games-and-reviews!

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