Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Struck by Toons...or...ToonStruck!

My dear brother and I both remember the good old days of PC Gaming - of course the good old days for us were 1994-2001 which was our peak of non-work/Gaming addiction.

There are plenty of great titles from back then that haven't really surfaced since so when I read of the possible, even slight chance of a sequel to the cartoon mayhem point and click adventure: Toonstruck my brain almost imploded in disbelief.

As reported by RockPaperShotgun the musician, no less, of the original game has revealed that he has everything required to make a sequel. Yes that's right, he has it all in terms of video footage of the comedy genius that is Christoper Lloyd, all ready to plonk into some game engine and release.

Of course they don't want to do that for free (and why not I suppose) so they're seeing how much interest there would be in such a game before going to any trouble. There's a petition online somewhere...ah here it is which should be signed by anyone who liked the original...or point-and-clicky adventures in general!

Here's a video of the original in action...if you can cope with it!

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