Thursday, 26 August 2010

This Is Not Stealing! Trilby: The Art Of Theft

It's about time I covered something that wasn't a flash game for this mini-series of free games I'm covering. So it's time to move onto a favourite of mine: Trilby, the art of theft by quick-talking Yahtzee of The Escapist Magazine website.

This is a wonderful retro-style platform game featuring a master criminal in his attempts to, well, rob everyone blind mostly but also to uncover a sinister plot and protect his identity! Although you may have thought that someone in this position would be the one creating the sinister plots...

It's kind of like a platform-game version of the Thief games, the idea being that you should stick to the shadows to avoid being detected and try to take out as many security systems as possible to make your job easier. You get higher scores if you don't take out any guards and if you manage to steal all the loot, as well as completing the level in the shortest time possible.

As well as all that you may notice, if you're a follower of Yahtzee's work, his voice work for when the guards spot you!

I have fond memories of playing this while feeling rubbish a couple of years ago and it really lifted my spirits at the time, so I can highly suggest this as a great game to get if you're asking yourself: "what shall I play today?"

Download the Art Of Theft here!

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