Friday, 3 September 2010

Casual Corner: My Kingom for the Princess 2

This was an insta-buy for me, I really enjoyed the first game and have been waiting for a sequel ever since!

So if you've not seen the original (which is still briliant) here's the low down: You are presented with an area and a number of tasks. You start off with only a single worker who can perform one task at a time.  This worker can perform most tasks, such as clearing logs off a road or building bridges and repairing broken roads.

Further through the game you get more and more choice which influences the order in which you can perform tasks. Upgraded your mine rather than you sawmill? You can clear more rocks but probably not build those bridges!

The sequel has introduced a load of new elements which build on the original - such as having to use monks to clear ghosts (rather than the temple just removing them all at once) and the new bonuses that help with resources.

Other new bits are the added arcade levels inbetween the standard game sections, such as navigating your ship around some rocks to collect all the coins. Not exactly ground breaking stuff, but a nice break from the rest of the game nonetheless.

It's very tactical time-management and being the perfectionist that I am I can't help but try and complete all levels in the bonus time. This of course means I end up with the completed castle at the end of the game!

So with all that said, Click here to visit the page on BigFishGames

And here's a (rather badly produced in my opinion) video of the game in action:

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