Saturday, 4 September 2010

D2D Turns 6, with lots of deals!

While I'm in a dealy mood, what with BFG's summer deal yesterday why not continue the blog trend with news of Direct2Drives "We're turning 6 years old, woo!" Sale which started on Wednesday (I think?)

The gimmic being that they'll be selling different games each week for £6 each and this week it includes some classics like "Defense Grid", "Titan Quest" and "Knights of the Old Republic" (although I'd recommend waiting for a Steam sale for that one perhaps?)

These can be found here

But also you may see up there, hidden in the top right corner a sign saying: "Click here for awesome daily deals" kind of as if they don't want you to see them! Currently today you can get "Gun" and "Vampire the Masquerade 2" for cheapo prices!

And those can be found there

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