Sunday, 26 September 2010

Here Kitty! Blade Kitten!

Do you like japanese comic books? Do you like japanese comic book girlies? Are you specifically keen on cat-based japanese comic book girlies? Then by george you're gonna like this!

Blade Kitten is the game adaptation of the comic book by Krome Studios Creative Director Steve Stamatiadis (AKA Space Captain Steve.) The game follows a Felion (Cat type humanoid) Bounty Hunter called Kit Ballard as she hunts down criminals on the planet of Hollow Wish.

Genre? It's a 3D side scrolling platformer, which means plenty of mid-air acrobatics and missing ledges by millimeters but since you have a sword (the afforementioned Blade) there's lots of futurising swashbuckling to be done too. Also because this is the future, Kit often doesn't need to hold the blade and it rushese foward on her command, hacking down her enemies in an instant. Cool.

Also having Cat like abilities she can climb up curtains walls and ceilings, which often leads to secret bonus chests. And going back to my "missed jumps" comment, that was a bit unfair because for the more pinpoint accurate ones it lets you target the ledge by pressing Q and then magically (and pretty seemlessly) Kit ends up exactly where you wanted her. Also by pressing Q you can dig your blade into the ground to stop yourself from being blown away by huge air fans.

I've played through the whole of the demo now and found that it was good! Probably the best modern platformer I've played in quite some time but I think I enjoyed it most because of the small cut-scenes that littered the level whenever I got close to whom I was chasing. It's very much like playing a comic book because of these and Kit Ballard is a strangely likeable character, especially after reading the free online comics.

So definitely one to try, and you can get the game and demo here on steam

Now I could show a gameplay video, but most other blogs have used the main trailer so I'm going to put this one of the many costumes you can dress Kit Ballard in. Nice.

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