Thursday, 30 September 2010

Its new and shiny! Dead Frontier, Unity version!

Not too long ago indie zombie mmo Dead Frontier was re-released with a lovely new Unity front end so I thought I'd have a bit of a play to see what it was like.

Much improved as it turns out! The old flash interface felt a bit clunky but the Unity version runs smooth. The whole feel of the game is just better but it still has the atmosphere of the previous version it's just more alive (uh, gameplay speaking at least!)

Zombies don't always just hone in on your position, some of them just wander around unless attacked. The combat feels very similar, mostly back-pedaling while shooting to avoid the zombie melee attacks.

The other thing I noticed was that there's no solo play any more, you're in the world with everyone else, shooting away. People were talking to me but I decided to be rude and not reply - mainly because I'd forgotten what the talk key was and couldn't be bothered to try all of them at the time! Also someone else had just run past with a chainsaw, cutting his way through crowds of zombies, so I decided to follow him instead, safety in numbers and all that...

I've not ventured too far into the game this time, unlike last time! But again you'll probably have to spend real cash (or recommend-a-friend for in-game cash) to get decent equipment any time soon. It's possible to survive without paying anything, but you won't get that super shotgun for months otherwise!

Saying that, this is an indie effort which should be supported because, well the guy has obviously put a lot of time into this and it's paid off! Also, as one of the in-game-ads says "Servers Cost Money!" I would have liked to have seen some changes to the marketplace though, that feels quite slow and it can take an age to sift through everything when you don't know what a good weapon is or not.

Anyway, since it's free to get started why not give it a shot?

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