Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I've been playing: Recettear!

After seeing the many previews that came out about this earlier in the month I thought it best that I cast my expert eye over this item trading shop game...

"So you want to run an item shop eh? No? It's more fun than it sounds!" No matter how I tried to describe this to people in real life I got pretty much the same expression, a twisted face of dissaproval. Sadness.

But it really isn't quite as boring as it sounds. You play Recette, a young girl who is left all on her lonesome after her father never returns from his most recent adventure. After not too long a debt agency turns up in the form of Tear, a fairly, demanding that she pay back a rather large loan that her father secured against the house. He sounds dependable to me...

So Tear convinces Recette to convert the house into a shop to be able to pay back the debt in more manageable chunks every week and thus the "adventure" starts!

I won't say too much more because I may do a larger review of this later in the week. But the Free Demo can be got from gamersgate!

So here's a video of the game in action which I'm sure will give you an insight into whether the game is for you or not. Prepare yourselves...

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