Thursday, 16 September 2010

Left4Dead Comic And Valve Interviews!

There's a couple of goodies out there for Valve fans that have appear over the last few days. Firstly, PC Gamer have been transcribing a bunch of interviews they did while over there where they talk about all manner of things Valve and they're a very interesting read!

But more fun than a load of words is the Lef4Dead comic that Valve have released! Featuring 60 pages of zombie smashing goodness this graphic novel will describe not only how one member of the original cast dies but also documents some of the early days of the infection.

Named "The Sacrifice" this is only part 1, so the whole thing could be around 240 pages in total! It's well worth the read for anyone who's even seen a small part of the games and, most importantly has been written and drawn by people within Valve. So often it is sadly not the case...

Anyway, take a look at that here!

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