Tuesday, 21 September 2010

My Minecraft addiction (part 1?)

A load of other sites seem to be doing a Minecraft series so I thought I would start one. Despite this weekends disastrous update session I think this is one of the biggest games to hit the PC gaming world recently.

I've only owned the game for a week after spending £10 on a whim after reading an RPS article on the game. Its taken up so much of my time that I've missed 3 of my blogging deadlines already and not written a proper review for ages! But enough about me and the impact the game is having on the community (and me), lets take a look at what actually happens.

On starting you're immediately on your own, thrust into the big wide world, usually spawning by the sea and sand. This really gave me the feeling of being stranded somewhere and having to make the most of it. When I first started playing I didn't know about the very useful Wiki that's out there about crafting so most of what I built was guesswork, but I did manage to make some sticks to hit sheep with.

Anyway, after a bit of exploring I decided to start digging into a nearby hill right next to where I spawned. I decided this would become my home and would eventually be a massive castle. I didn't make much progress on the first day, a stick doesn't exactly cut through rock very quickly even in this make-believe world.

So on consulting the Wiki I found how to build proper tools from wood and rock and even iron. These helped me, over the course of several days, to dig out most of the hill and even downwards towards the core of the planet to collect more minerals (which so far has been disappointingly pitiful!)

However, check out my tower!
I know it's not too much to look at yet but it's the start of my castle! It will be epic. Also, check out that cool mountain to the left. That was there when I spawned and I plan to build a bridge from my castle to that and make it a great feature.

The inside of the hill that's behind the tower there took quite some time to dig out but I think it was worth the time...hopefully...
Yeah loads of torches and boxes (got some more out of view there)

Currently I haven't done too much exploring. I'm still building up my resources and tool stocks. I could really do with finding some good deposits of metals and such. But I'd also like my castle to be finished before I set off so I have a nice home to return to.

This game is far too addictive!


  1. Not quite sure I understand there?

  2. minecraft is the most addicting game in the world! it was difficult at first but once you get the hang of it, it is really fun! i love making deep mining shafts! you never know when you are goign to reach a cavern!