Wednesday, 22 September 2010

My Minecraft addiction (part 2!)

Oh yes it continues and this time I've been busy building up the walls of my fortress after how successful the building of my tower was. This is how it was half way through...

So it's getting there. However even with this wall up (4 units high) I still had a spider spawn inside my walls at night! My next experiment will be removing all soil cubes (or at least a solid covering of stone) to see if that will prevent evil things from spawning into my new home.

During construction I did a fair bit of mining and have finally hit the bottom of the world! I now have some of the fairly rare red metal stuff so I can now build a compass to find my way home if I decide to go wandering. I also have a few pieces of gold which is carefully stored in my "what the heck should I do with this?" box.

However while mining I did uncover a single block that let 3 skeletons and a zombie into my own castle! I had to quickly run away (I've still not got any armor) and fight them off while building a door to my mine to keep them all out in future.

I also had a bit more of an explore of that strange rock formation further away, closer up it looks like this:

And has a huge mine underneath which will obviously require my attention later (and I mean I'll be sealing it up, I'm a big 'fraidy cat) I still can't wait to build my bridge to this at some point soon.


  1. Another faithful MineCraft comrade! XD

  2. Absolutely! Trying to take a small step back though, otherwise I'll never get anything else done!

    Probably the most addictive game I've played since TF2 though!

  3. Build a roof or place torches everywhere to prevent monsters spawning. Monsters only spawn in darkness.

  4. Ah really? How dark does it have to be?

    I've made it "peacefull" while I finish my castle, then I'll concentrate on a bit of zombie killin'