Saturday, 25 September 2010

My Minecraft addiction (part 3?!)

Probably my final installment for a while as I don't want to get sucked completely into minecraft to never return!

But, well take a look at where I was a couple of nights ago:

I was removing the rest of the hill and it was taking forever! I was so tempted to start my bridge to that cliff over there. But I stuck with my plan! This would be a proper castle, with proper walls to keep proper monsters out!

Finally as you can see, I started to peek through to my original refuge area where I first hid from monsters at night, without the knowledge of torches! I started up the furnaces and started to smelt the nicer looking rocks (the non-cobblestone ones) ready to finish off my floor to remove any earth blocks that might cause monsters to spawn upon them.

Then while removing some of these earth blocks I fell through the floor into a new dungeon I had not yet seen! I was beset upon by a zombie and managed to build a single tower upwards to escape! It's dark down there...

Finally after another days work the inside of the keep has reached stage 1! A nice floor all around and no more hill on the inside left!

Ahhh, home sweet home...And this is how it will stay until I get some serious spare time to work on it, but as fun as minecraft is it's still in alpha after all.

There's plenty I would like to see, especially in the way of crafting: there's just not enough yet! I can build great structures and when exploring you get to see some amazing sights (in terms of generated terrain, it's a thing of beauty!)

But there's not enough to hold my interest in the long run yet. I'm confident that Notch, the developer, is going to make this one of the most interesting games ever created but until a few more updates I'll be leaving my castle to stand proud on the horizon, steady and solid until needed...

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