Sunday, 5 September 2010

(Not) breaking News! Duke Nukem revived by Gearbox!

Well I'm not much good at breaking news stuff so I generally steer clear of it, plus there's hundreds of sites out there for that kind of news, I'm sure you all visit here for more digestable news without tons of ads spamming you...*Anyway*

Yes officially announced last Friday (the 3rd) Duke Nukem Forever has been brought back to life by Gearbox software (my heroes, but not just for this - I still love Borderlands!) And whats more - people are actually playing it. Right now. Okay well testing it is probably more accurate but, blimey it's been a long decade to wait including many unreached release dates.

Everyone seems very excited about this but I completely reserve judgment until I play it! After all, this is Gearbox, but it's got more to live up to than any other game ever!

Finding a decent video of the gameplay isn't as easy as it should be (get your act together 2k games! Oh, and put me on your press-list please!) But this is the easiest to watch so far:

My thoughts: well they're all playing on consoles for a start which is always a bad sign. One of my major gripes with Borderlands was it's console like control system (agh, turn mouse smoothing off!) Also a lot of the early stuff in the video looks like it contains quite a bit of...extra curricular activities that you can partake in, hmmm. Love the look of the whiteboard you can draw on! Otherwise I'm feeling very lets-wait-and-see-ish, not in a negative way but more in a "I've been hurt before!" Kind of way.

Can Gearbox really make this the game everyone wishes it to be?

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