Saturday, 18 September 2010

A Revolution Approaches: Deus Ex 3!

It's always dangerous to hold out hope for a sequel not made by the original development team of the series. However there have been some exceptions over the years, most recently Bioshock2 was a nice surprise for me (which is good because that team is also making the new X-com game...)

So for a few years now I've been watching progress on the new Deus Ex game being made by Eidos-Montreal. I spent quite a bit of time observing the forums a year or so ago trying to fathom out if it was worth waiting for and I have to say I wasn't incredibly hopeful back then.

Then again, the sequel that was made by the original team was shockingly bad and didn't feel like the team had their heart in it. So maybe it's a good thing to have the third installment developed by people who enjoyed the first game the most.

I've read quite a lot spanning several sites and articles and these are the facts I've filed in my head about it:
  • There's a cover system (hmmm)
  • Tons of augmentations (upgrades for the character you play)
  • Music is not by Alexander Brandon (boo)
  • Ammo is not universal (each weapon needs it's own ammo type)
  • It's possible to get through most of the game without killing anyone
  • Levels can be completed in different ways depending on your play style (Stealth/Assault/etc...)
So my "hopefullness" level is rising, but because this game feels like it's a bit late now (I'm sure it was originally to be released in 2009 or something) it's just a question of when it will be out there to buy (supposedly March 2011 but we'll see!)

And because I always like to include a video, here's the latest trailer which has been shown at this week's Tokyo Game Show:

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