Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Scrabblin' to Victory!

Kind of casual corner time, but not really. I was a bit stumped as to wot to write about today but after consulting my "how to blog" handbook (one of those would be useful actually...) I decided to write about what I've been doing!

And over the last couple of days I've been very much into Scrabble on Facebook! I know, I know I can practically feel your faces contorting into puzzled expressions as to why I would do such a thing and play a board game online. However it's mostly practice before I go up against my good friend from the spellmaking blog who has a reputation for being very good with his words.

So I was quite surprised with how good the official scrabble on FB was. Okay, it's not the most complex of games to play anyway and they've had similar versions of the game online before to check out (eg, Yahoo's literatti) but even so it's good to see the word "scrabble" at the top of the page, even if it is overshaddowed by adverts!

It's free, you can play multiple games at a time setting time limits for moves, includes an online dictionary and quick reference for 2-letter-words so all in all the best online scrabble I can remember playing! I'd link it but I don't fancy linking a facebook page from here, you can easily find it by searching on facebook however...Anyway, take a look at this game of two titans battling it out (eg, my wife and I!)

I am a word genius!

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