Friday, 10 September 2010

To Victory! VVVVVV!

It's been a while since I've come across a retro-platformer that I can completely recommend. VVVVVV is a fantastically spectrum-like game all the way down to the loading screen (you know, with the loading bar around the edge like a speccy used to have? No? Go here then and learn what it used to be like for us!)

Anyway, ignoring the look we must judge this game on the remaining 3 important attributes of any pc game.

Gameplay, which is excellent. This is a 100% skill based game which, according to the steam description, you can complete in any order dependent only on how good you are right now. You can save at any time but there are also plenty of checkpoints and they're worked out very well to provide enough of a challenge while keeping you hooked.

The Music is awesome, I'm a big fan of chip music - there's a real skill involved in it's creation and it's surprisingly difficult to make it easy to listen to consistantly.

And finally the Story, while fairly basic gives you a bit of a boost when you do something well and complete some of the more difficult challenges. The background being that you must attempt to rescue the crew of your ship who all have names based on their colour (which is far less racist than it sounds!)

So all in all very cool. I'm a few hours in and have not yet completed it. Although I've uncovered most of the map and only have 1 crew-memeber to save I've no idea if I'm near the end or not! If it turns out it's a bit short I shall report back, however so far it's certainly been worth the £4 it's being sold for on steam.

But you can also buy it direct for cheaper (yay!) for £3.36 from the developers website, which you should definitely do. And there's even a free online demo (flash)! (psst, it's also available on mac)

And as usual I enclose a self addressed envelope video of the game in action:

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