Saturday, 11 September 2010

Will you help me Portal Two?

In the absence of a obviously witty post title that's what you get I'm afraid. Anyway, I'm getting all excited about Valve's Portal Sequel now, even though it's probably a year away or so (in realistic terms) and the co-op side of it is especially appealing. Provided I can actually convince someone else I know to play through it with me!!

Recently at PAX (Penny Arcade Expo, which I've never been to...bah) they showed a trailer of the co-op section of the game which, if I've understood everything I've read about it, has it's own story and all! While previously only grainy "Shaky-cam" footage was available before the net has become awash with HD versions of the video in the last few days.

So here it is one of those, posted by the Valve fan site! Yay!

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