Monday, 4 October 2010

Dawn of War 2 - Retrospective

One of the reasons I've been quiet of late is because I've been re-checking out Dawn Of War 2. When I first reviewed it years ago (blimey) I received a surprising amount of criticism for not liking it.

Therefore with this and the news that a new expansion is on the way I decided to revisit it to see if my original score of 78, which as readers will know is a fairly high score for me, was indeed fair.

Well I've pretty much got to where I was when I first started to review it previously and I can say I was more than fair!

The first thing that hit me again when I started to play it was the lack of memorable music. It's pretty generic orchestral stuff that's easily forgettable (I certainly can't remember it now!) and doesn't add any emotion for me. Certainly not like the powerful fanfares of the first series written by famous John-Williams clone (I mean this in the nicest way!) : Jeremy Soule.

I did get a bit more into the item collection and squad tweaking than before, mostly because I was prepared for DOW2 being an RPG rather than an RTS. Planning your squads early such as focusing on increasing their ranged or close combat skills depending on what you plan to do with them later gives a much greater advantage over my previous balanced upgrading. This previous knowledge certainly makes the game more enjoyable although I still stand by my original comment that "I would have enjoyed it far more if it had been called “Dawn Of War: Heroes of Calderis”."

Generally however I've definitely enjoyed it more than my previous play and intend to see it through to the end. If my opinion changes either way from this point I shall certainly be shouting about it!

And here is some video entertainment to watch explaining all about the blood ravens chapter of the space marines (in the game at least):


  1. This was the first squad based strategy-ee type game I played, and I dig it way more than a traditional RTS. I'm also a fan of the WH:40K brutal, over the top space setting, which I first encountered in DoW1. You're onto something with the music, it seems very backseat during gameplay, and I have no idea why. I actually listen to it outside of the game and love it though, wierd.

  2. The music in itself isn't bad, it's just not as good as DoW1.

    DoW1 was far closer to Epic 40K, which I used to collect when I was (much) younger, so I guess that's where my heart is!

  3. No kidding! That Space Marine theme from DoW1 could make any mundane task seem large and filled with purpose. Not music related, but I also miss the squig, haha.

  4. Squigs are obviously awesome!