Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Defend your Desktop! Desktop tower defense...

For game two of my week of tower defense games, I choose Desktop Tower Defense! A free tower defense game from the makes of another great tower defense game - The Space Game and Backyard monsters which I blogged about only a few weeks ago.

But this is what we're looking at today:

In Desktop tower defense you defend a desktop! Not a windows-like desktop but an actual work-like desktop with pens and stuff on it. This particular tower defense game allows you to direct the path of baddies by placing your towers in a maze configuration. Obviously you want them to spend as long as possible next to your towers so it's important not to leave too many gaps since they'll always try to find the shortest route to the exit.

In terms of tower abilities there's the usual cheap and cheerful tower, the freezing tower (to slow enemies down) a quick fire tower, an area affect tower for closely grouped enemies and so on.

There's a 24 level campaign, a sandbox mode where you can tweak exactly how a game will pan out and also a multiplayer mode! The Casual Collective have also adapted the game for facebook now so you can show off just how good you are!

It certainly delivers more than most freebee tower defense games and because it saves your progress as you beat levels you can dip in and out at any point, perfect for coffee breaks and such I suppose! If you missed the link for Desktop-TD here it is again!

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