Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I prayed to the gods of minecraft and was rewarded...

The one true god of minecraft replied and said thusly "Andy of PC Games And Reviews, your prayers have been answered and I shall grant thee the gift of minecraft (as long as your wife will let you play it some more) AND THEREFORE I shall add updates of 10 on the scariest day of this year, 2010"

To which I said "Cheers Notch, any chance of my pickaxe lasting a bit longer?"

Well all of that was probably made up and in my head but that's how I imagined things going when I went looking for news on the game and came across this image on his bloggy news thing.

The big news bits (or at least the bits I liked) are that torches won't be lasting forever, you'll need lanterns for that now (which will hopefully be a bit stronger to compensate), fishing will be possible (everyone seems excited about this so I am too!) And the final good thing from my point of view is that there will me more music! I really enjoy the piano like extracts that play occasionally when you least expect it, they're quite ambient but foreboding and encouraging at the same time, weird.

Anyway is this a good excuse to talk about my castle? I've started on my moat, when I've had time that is...

To be honest the water mechanics are fairly disapointing, this should have easily filled the area by now, after all, look at all that liquid out there! I didn't want to have to remove all of the blocks around for it to fill up completely. Perhaps I need to dig out the lower blocks too?

Otherwise Fort Andy is progressing nicely, I've replaced most of the earth blocks with stone and have started to plan out the inner tower, plenty to do but I'm awaiting the new update now to see what lanterns are all about, especially before I turn monsters back on...

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