Thursday, 14 October 2010

Tower Defense Games Week, Reprise!

Reprise? Is that the right word? probably not but what I thought I'd do is just finish off that segment that I just kinda left open last week with a few Tower Defense games that I'm looking forward to seeing at some point.

Creeper World 2, which I mentioned in an earlier post, looks to be yet another different take on the idea of tower defense game mechanics. Following on from the first game's top-down view this one will be side ways on which I'm sure will keep the idea fresh and make for some interesting new tactics. The creator has also included the concept of "good" creep which can be generated but exactly why I'm still not too sure! All will become clear in time no doubt, but for now everyone should play the first game in the series, or the free online version at the very least!

Dungeon Defenders is something that has been advertised over at GamersGate and I've been rather taken by this trailer:

Looks pretty good eh? Not too certain about the online aspect, Tower Defense is always best played by yourself in my opinion but it does look a lot of fun and would be good if it was co-op multiplay too... I'm sure the creators won't forget me and will throw me a copy to play with at some point...*hint hint*

Finally, of course the game all "tower defense enthusiasts" are waiting for is Plants Vs Zombies 2. Do we know for sure this is going to happen? No, we've not seen anything new for PvZ appear other than releases for other formats but it would be fair to assume that a sequel is probably in production or planning or something, even if it's just a collection of ideas at the back of Popcap's vector-animated brains.

Any other Tower Defense games people are waiting for? Let me know!

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