Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tower Defense Week - Day 1 - Defense Grid: The Awakening

"I really miss Raspberries..." says the AI as swarms of alien invaders start swiping your power cores and travelling exactly the route that I haven't planned. Swiftly I attempted to place some cheap towers in their path forcing them to return the way they came, especially into range of my powered up Cannon tower...

Defense grid is the game that made me think of doing a weeks worth of tower defense games that you should have played. While the towers themselves are fairly generic (machine gun, laser, rockets) it looks pretty fantastic and the voice actor who plays the AI is just brilliant.

The levels also swap between the aliens having routes they always walk down with tower emplacements lining these routes and then levels where you can influence the path of the aliens by placing towers in a maze-like configuration. This adds a bit of variety in the way you play each level where as most TD games play the same throughout.

Anyway, lets get onto why you should and shouldn't play Defense grid:

  • Top voice acting and script
  • Challenging and fair gameplay
  • You always feel you can do better next time...
  • ...but at the same time never want to give up!
  • Cheap DLC packs available with more levels!

  • Style is a bit generic
  • Lacks character in it's look
  • Gets a bit samey, no special events during levels

And as usual here's some mulitmedia entertainment to tell you more!

Defense grid is available from most portal sites, such as steam with it's DLC or even for the mac from gamersgate

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