Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Activate! The Machine!

So I have a kind of interest in making sure this game does well, as I had a hand in its existence. Sometimes I'll take short breaks from the blog (as I just have) to concentrate on being a games developer myself. There's several advantages to this including me understanding the mind set of an independent developer and how I can help them. Anyway...

The Machine is a colourful simulation of a production line which involves putting the right pieces of the machine down in order to transport and transform units of Calibrated Unifying Bonded Energy Storage (ahem, also known as CUBES) and that's trickier than it sounds.

Why not examine this informational video presentation on the subject:

The big news for BumpkinBrothers is that the game has been released on good-ol' Impulse which I've often referred to as the next best thing to steam (in someways it's better, especially its community features)

More specifics for the machine are that it has over 30 levels, an already growing collection of user made levels and a fantastic soundtrack! (I wonder who made that then...)

The Machine can be found on Impulse here

or there's the BumpkinBrothers page here