Monday, 29 November 2010

Are you a Heavy Hogur? Heavy Hogur!

Dwarfs + Mining + Puzzling Caverns = Heavy Hogur.

That's pretty much the message from the trailer just released from Spelagon. In their description from the vid:

Follow Hogur deep down below the mountains in search for crystals, treasures and fame. Every room has a unique layout where Hogur must find the safe route to get all crystals and still be able to reach the exit without getting trapped. The video gameplay footage showcases the challenges Hogur must overcome such as weird gnomish traps and the ever present crumbling floor tiles. Two different environments can be seen in the trailer: Abandoned mines and Overgrown ruins.

Sounds fun I guess - still it's hard to say just from a trailer, I'm sure we'll get the full scoop when it's released. Before that however we have a video to look upon:

More info can be gleamed from their pages over at

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