Monday, 22 November 2010

The Digital PCGR Office

Well - I guess you've wanted to know what the cave is we live in, whilst the location is classified, I can give you a bit of a taster

Our Office (Click for Big Version!)

As you can see, Andy's out of the Office at the moment. But I'll keep it updated when he decides to turn up.
In the mean time, let me explain the layout to you...

The Entrance
Well, explains it all really in the title doesn't it. The place where we go in to work, and most likely go out too. It's more of an Entrance/Exit, but I forgot to stick that on the image, so use your imagination when you come to think "Where's the exit!?"

Health and Safety
New regulations mean we have to put nice big yellow lines in a box around hazardous areas. Plus, it makes it look like a cool working environment doesn't it!?
I think Andy should have one of those hazard areas around him, or one of those biological containment zones, but apparently that adheres to Worker Cruelty and is "OTT" for someone suffering from a cold...

Run of the mill PCGR worker in uniform as well! Yeh! That's our uniform! What a disgrace! Better get cracking on with all that work sitting by the desks I suppose - Wouldn't want to deprive our public of posts like these. Don't they look so shiny and interesting!
Pool Table
What else would it be for? Relax, play a bit of Pool and have a chat about the latest topics in the PC universe (I was going to write World, but thought that was a corporate plug). However, the pool cues have been confiscated after a "heated debate" shall we call it, regarding some Games of the Year Awards - Keep tuned for those by the way!

Dinner Table
Tasty microwave meals galore here! Gets a bit dusty though, tend to eat our meals in front of the computer rather than sitting around the table. It's the easiest, simplest and most efficient way! But, be wary of getting crumbs in your keyboard, or ketchup on your mouse!
Work Bench
This is where the geniusnessness happens... or something?
Plenty of work to be done, typed up, spell checked and released into the world wide web for our punters to read, hopefully enjoy, and comment on if they so desire! We're all up for comments guys, anything you want to hear about give us a message on the boards and we'll look into having it done!
We've heard from The Boss as well, that "The beatings will continue until worker morale improves" - I should have had this done 15 minutes ago... Hope he hasn't noticed...
These can be emails, comments or letters (If we had a postbox) about anything! No Viagra adverts though please guys, get plenty of them already!
Seen a game you want to hear about, or a new PC related issue. Give us a message, and if we can, we'll try and get it up and online for you to read about!

Data Uplink
This is how we get everything that comes out of our computers, straight to you! Whereas you may think we write stuff daily to stick it up; behind the scenes there's a queue of new upcoming articles just waiting to be released! There's always something in the pipeline, so if you don't see anything new being posted for a few days, Do Not Panic! We may be working on something a little bit bigger like a mini-series (Such as the OMG one) or a couple of reviews in tandem!

Restricted AccessAgain - Title says it all!
No Pass? No Pass. Or something to a similar effect, maybe with better wording. Access to new articles is strictly restricted - You can read them once they're released, and not a minute sooner I'll have you know!

Well that's it basically! Hope you enjoyed the small tour of the offices! Anything to comment on, as I've already mentioned twice in the post, now three times, give us a message!

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