Monday, 15 November 2010

Immortal Souls - Comic Book RPG

I think I'm liking this!

Comic Book RPGs have created a characteristic mix between puzzle and role playing game that looks and plays really well.

Being a flash game I can't help but see resemblances in other online RPGs that I've payed in the past (such as Sonny for example) as it uses many of the same mechanics in level selection and equipping of characters.

Lets clear some of the bad stuff out of the way first, the shop screen doesn't feel like it works correctly. Sometimes it doesn't register what I'm trying to do when equipping new weapons or trying to sell items or, well...nearly anything! Closing it down and opening the shop seems to help but it's quite a frustrating side of the game.

The graphics are manga-esque comic style and they're awesome. The animations, while not always completely smooth ruin nicely and work well with the battle system.

Oh yes the battle system, this is where it comes into its own. There's 4 ways of attacking an enemy, melee weapon, hand-to-hand, guns or vampire-ism. You can choose how to attack by clicking on blocks laid out in a puzzle-like configuration at the bottom of the screen, but if more than one block of the same type are next to each other you can build up chains of attacks (eg, if two gun blocks are next to each other you can get your character to attack twice with guns in one turn.)

The choice of attack matters as some enemies are more vulnerable to a certain type of attack and you'll dispose of them more quickly if you use that attack.

It probably makes more sense if you give it a go, all I can say is that I'm likely to run through the demo all too quickly and who knows, there may be a review up if the full game finds its way to me!

I highly recommend giving the demo a go from this link! (as it's a flash game mac peeps can also try this out)

The full game comes out on the 1st of December 2010 and will cost $14.99, however you can get it at a discount for now at $9.99.

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