Friday, 5 November 2010

Kasual Korner: Roads of Rome

Time for my bi-weekly fix of time management game fun, and this time it's Roads Of Rome!

It's extremely similar to My Kingdom For The Princess in that you have to repair/create a road from one point to another but there are some subtle differences that make this hold it's own.

Firstly you have to actually build the road, each section needs laying down and, annoyingly, in order and a piece at a time. I was a little frustrated that I couldn't build from both ends of the road to save time, after all that's what this is all about isn't it? In reality that methodology would never work! Or is this why motorway work always seems to take forever?

The next difference is in resource collection. You still get different buildings that produce different items however these need to be phsyically picked up by your workers and brought back to the worker tent rather than the new items just getting added to your inventory. I can't make up my mind if I prefer this or not, it's certainly more of a challenge and it kind of makes sense but it does feel a bit of a pain sometimes.

I did like the fact that you could chop down nearby trees to add to your wood stock, and the fact that some obstacles could be run around by your workers enabling you to conentrate on several areas of the level at once.

Not a bad little game, good to dip in/out of like many other games of it's type. I think I marginally enjoyed MKFTP more but this is still great fun for fans of the genre!

Check out the video below:

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