Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Keep on Movin' - Cities in Motion

Colossal Order have recently started to keep a dev. diary on the Paradox forums about their latest and greatest creation: Cities in Motion.

I've steered clear of sim games like this for a while now, mostly shuning anything with the word "Sim" in it. Long have I lusted after the old days of Theme Hospital and Transport Tycoon. Actually, talking of Transport Tycoon I couldn't help but spot this paragraph in the dev diary post:

Cities in Motion is a public transportation tycoon game inspired by the great classics Traffic Giant and Transport Tycoon.
Ok, so now they have my attention. I wonder if the music will be as funky as TT's. I never played Traffic Giant though, kind of wish I had now. What else do they tell us?

Our main goal in Cities in Motion has been to give you this feeling of a bustling city, ever changing and growing, with lots of people living and working in it. Every person living in a city is unique: they have a name, a home, and a workplace. Citizens have their own cars but would prefer reasonably priced, fast public transportation to get to their destinations. Can you offer it to them?
Sounding good still, not too keen on the whole unique citizens thing, I'm a bit of a Transport Tycoon Pureist (and proud to probably be the first person to ever use that phrase) but I'm keeping a wide open mind about the idea. I wonder just how detailed that will get? Will you be able to watch a man walk out of his house, check the latest bus timetable and costs on his iphone and then make a decision to go off in his car? That would be interesting to see!

The only problem I can see so far is that there will be no goods-transportation. No coal hauling or wood moving. It's all about the passengers which, although probably makes sense when designing a game, is going to feel quite odd to a Transport Tycoon fan such as myself. Moving Coal was generally the first job you went for in that as it gave the highest return.

Finally I hope, really hope that I can get cars and stuff to drive on the left side of the road as it should be.

I am surprisingly keen on the idea of this game though and I can't wait to see more! You can keep track of the developer diary over at the Paradox Forums

And just incase you've not seen it, here is this years trailer released at Gamescon:

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