Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch - Demo out!

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Sometimes you come across someone who seriously doesn't appear to give a flying hoot about what other people think. That or they're just doing it for "shock value" - one of which must be true of Mark Leung, namesake, hero and creator of "Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch"

I had seen the video of this before and assumed that it was a well put together "idea" of what a game based on this chap would be like, however a demo has emerged along with news that the full game hits us in 6 days time.

So what can be said about this unconventional piece of gaming software?

Set in the vast world of Untitled, “Revenge of the Bitch” combines adventure and classic turn-based battle sequences with monsters ranging from adorable housecats to ruthlessly high pot-smoking purple monsters. The game features five playable characters and up to 30 hours of gameplay.
Or so says the press release I received. Turn based battles? My interest is immediately piqued, being a hopeless Final Fantasy fan. But from the rest of the description that you can read on the official site I'm a bit torn as to whether a world featuring a charcter called "Toothbrush Opera" who's a sourceress is creative or just plain barmy?

Either way this felt like something I had to experience before jumping to any kind of conclusions, especially if they were based on the awesome trailer featuring Mark Leung (who reminds me terribly of Moss from the IT Crowd) and his band (of scantily clad lady friends) battling "IOL Trolls" (lol trolls?)

Score 1000 points for "Abrahamburgler". An extra 1000 points for his and mcfunny's special moves.

Hopefully I'll have chance to play the demo later and give my views - if you can't wait however you can get it here!

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