Friday, 12 November 2010

Medal of Dishonouring your Customers!

(Notice I stuck the U in it again? I'm a stickler for detail)

Well, I reviewed Medal of Honor fairly recently, and from the review I take it most people realise I wasn't impressed with it, for reasons I hope I made clear. If not, I can further elucidate. Shysters. Done.

Well, said Shysters (I'm using a capital letter because it's a pro-noun of what they are, just if the grammar Police was hanging about ready to pounce!) have released some DLC! Someone ring the Prime Minister! DLC on a game that hasn't been out for even 4 weeks! But wait, did I hear it was Free? Well, not quite, sort your ears out!

EA are releasing 2 DLC packs...

One is free, and contains a couple new maps, and a couple remade ones, with a new Game Mode called "Clean Sweep".

One isn't free (surprise, surprise) and contains, again, a couple new maps, a couple remade ones, and a new Game Mode "King of the Hill" priced at £6.99

Now I think this is ridiculous. It's obviously nothing new, just something they pushed to one side during the development to further get some cash out of the communities. £6.99 for 4 maps and a game mode - That's a quarter of the price of the original game! They may be laughing all the way to the bank with this, but I think they're seriously shooting themselves in the foot here. Call of Duty Black Ops is just around the corner, and I can see more people defecting to the COD lads, rather than having to shell out more for this game which has already been proven to fall short of the mark.

I own Medal of Honour myself, and I've played it enough to know I don't like it, but it's still sitting in front of my on my table, should I ever decide to give it another chance sometime soon.


...I'm going to announce, without shame or regret, the one word no game publisher wishes to hear.


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