Wednesday, 10 November 2010

OMG: H4xX0R!

Definition: Someone who uses game exploits or 3rd party software to gain an unfair tactical advantage over other players

That was a translation of H4xX0R for any of you non-1337 peeps!

Online games are riddled with Hackers nowadays. I remember the days before they became commonplace in the online gaming community. But now I've noticed people use it as an excuse to Flame people (I'm good at getting these game terms in today)

On Battlefield Bad Company 2, I have to admit, I am a fan of using the less conventional weapons. My particular favourite is the 870 Shotgun, oooh, could rub my legs like Vic Reeves right now! But I won't...
I've got myself a nice little set up that works across all ranges - and no, I'm not telling you, because you're no doubt a devious little so-and-so scouring the internet for methods to better your online gaming; and I for one am not falling for it!

Now, this set up is as good close combat (1 shot 1 kill) as it is across the map (1 shot 1 kill in the right place) but, all logic means it shouldn't be effective at both ranges! But it is! Well, this leads me to being particularly unpopular doesn't it...

We've all had that little side-to-side strafe dance with a sniper across the side of the map. You're standing there thinking "Aye, I'll pepper you from this range, easy peasy" whereas he's standing there thinking "Pillock..." while he slots you one between the eyes. How uncouth! At least in Team Fortress 2 the Sniper doffs his hat when he shoots you, a true gentleman! However, this Magical Shotgun setup means you can outsnipe snipers - That ain't gonna go down well now is it...


...I haven't done anything.


...please people, calm the Caps Lock, every time you don't turn the Caps Lock off, God kills a kitten

"AUTOSHOOTER!" just killed a kitten. Well done.

Now, I can 100% say I have never used any sort of cheats to better my ability online, I use a keyboard that's so old, I have to push the slide over every time I finish a line. But Hacks and Ability or "Skillz" (Oh, look, another one I got in, awesome) seem to be crossed over so much now.

If someone is better than you, he MUST be hacking - When did this come about, and why? Face it, you're a 50 year old man with the reaction speed of a turnip, don't take it out on me "dude". I've been kicked many a time from servers for illegitimate reasons, usually get told I'm using an aimbot or something, the best though was last week, where I got kicked from a server with the message "Don't Attack Enemy Base" - Riiiight, let me think about the logic behind it. No, I'm dumbfounded. Did I miss the message about the joint army picnic that day?

So, what was the point of this post? People of the World - Don't Cry Hacks! (Same as Cry Wolf, but less extreme I suppose) Face it kiddos, some people are better than you.

Final note:
I do apologise to the people who, while busy typing and calling me a hacker, I got with the shotgun. Actually... On second thoughts... I don't - Play the game, and enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it, swap servers, just don't go for the Rage Quit! (Got one final term in there... sweet!)

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