Monday, 8 November 2010

Your "Call of Duty: Black Ops" is currently updating...

The next component in the award winning series is set to be released at midnight tonight in the UK! It's rumoured to become the globally best selling game of all time!

The media is going bananas over it, the advertising is everywhere (If you've not heard of Black Ops, where have you been for the last 6 months!?) and tonight the wait is over.

There's going to be no doubt hundreds of thousands of people logging on to the PC tonight to play this game tonight and tomorrow, but will it be a success?
As you must know by now, the guys here at PCGR are all massive "Steam Fanbois", and have followed the delivery system since its early days. But news of Black Ops being Steam only, is no doubt going to cause some ripples amongst the Steam players, as well as the Steam Content servers.

They've no doubt upped the capacity of their servers in anticipation for this massive release, but I really hope for their sake, this isn't going to detract from the importance of other Steam users. In the past, when big games have come out through Steam, the servers have been going full capacity and the updates have been slow, for all games, (Which is perfectly understandable) and every veteran Steam User accepts that this is how it's always been, however this time, they aren't dealing with regular Steam users.

Some gamers don't like Steam - Blasphemy I know! But you can understand why. They want to play their games without the need of another programme running in the background. If they'd wanted a Steam account, they would have chosen to get one, rather than being forced to with a new game purchase. Steam is truly going to receive some flak in the coming days and weeks with it being the only platform for Black Ops. But, if Steam play their cards right, and charm the new community they've got hold of, it could really pay off for them in the future sale of their other games.

I'll certainly be interested on seeing how Steam will harbour this new game; and I wonder just how many new accounts will be made purely for Black Ops. Should be interesting either way.

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