Thursday, 9 December 2010

Audiosurf!... Dude!

Not so good on the surfboard but good on the keyboard and mouse!?
Well, here's your chance to become a bit of an Armchair Athlete. The best sort! The sort of Athlete who can have a good time "exercising" sitting with a can of something nice and refreshing, and a bag of sweets!

The premise is simple. Load up your game and pick a song from your Music Library. Wait for it to calibrate, then you can surf your music! Every track is different. It's all based on beat, speed and rhythm. No two songs will be the same! Unless you stupidly duplicated your music... Bravo.

As you can see, I like a bit of Muse!
And this is what SMBH looks like in the game. All the peaks and troughs!

You can pick different game modes and different difficulties. The simplest one you're a little spaceship on a track, you have to collect the coloured blocks by flying into them, and avoid the grey blocks at all costs! The more you collect at once, the bigger bonus you get! So at the end of every song, you get a score. Think you can beat it? Why not have another crack at it if it's your favourite song to listen to! It really doesn't get old to play. I've played entire albums at once; it's nice to sit and listen to your music and play a nice casual game once in a while.

Can't write a whole load about it, it's a very simple game, but that's what makes it so great! It's a nice little time waster if you've got a few minutes on your hand or whether you're just in the mood of playing a game where listening to music doesn't distract you. I surely can't be the only one who's been playing a game when an awful song's come on, and in the action of scrabbling to turn it off a kind individual has taken the time to put me out of my misery...

A nicely polished indie title. Well worth a few quid even as a novelty to show your mates!

[Score: 80 out of 100]

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