Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Back to the Backyard - Backyard Monsters! Defending Tips and Tricks Included!

This is the second time I've posted about The Casual Collective's Facebook based tower-defense come monster management game Backyard Monsters.

I have to admit that I left my backyard in somewhat of a state of dissrepair earlier in the year but have spent the last couple of weeks rebuilding and tweaking the design to best fit my new purpose.


Oh yes revenge is necessary, very necessary. You see I wasn't going to get back into this except, when I loaded the game up just to take a look and remind myself what it all looked like, I found something very strange outside of my base.

A Trojan horse. Of course I'm not completely dumb and could guess that clicking on it would be a mistake, however I was curious to how big a mistake it would be. So I clicked and a message appeared declaring that the horse was a "present" from the Legionnaire Tribe as a sign of a truce. Like a fool I accepted the gift, upon which monsters poured out of the horse and started to attack.

Luckily I found that closing the game undid my terrible mistake and I was about to reclick and send the gift back when I decided not to back down from the challenge! I built up my defenses and turrets over the course of a week (it takes a while for things to happen in this game unless you're willing to pay cash for speedups) and eventually felt safe enough to take on the attack again. And, victory! I crushed their forces with only a few casualties on my part. Luckily nothing ever seems to get destroyed, only very damaged so it was all repairable.

Not long after I noticed that an opportunist named "Ahmed" took a disliking to me and sent in his own army to what must have appeared to be the undefended side of my backyard. Unluckily for him I had already redeployed my towers for various attack vectors and was ready for him. Although I suffered additional damage by Backyard was up to full strength again in no time!

After all of that however I certainly could not let bygons be bygons. Both backyards must suffer a fate far worse than that I had. Research was to be done, monsters to be created, defenses to be bolstered! This took time, much time (not actual time for me, just waiting time between plays for things to get built etc...) But before that I thought I would write up few tips I learned so far:

1 - I found that you should really build a yard planning building as soon as you can - these are indespensible once you start getting more buildings and clicking on the building your after gets tricky. They'll display your yard as a 2d top-down view and allow you to just drag things around. Simples!

2 - I noticed monsters usually go for your defense towers first. If you have limited walls then defend these, your town hall and you storage depots first.

3 - upgrade walls to level 2 as soon as you can. It costs quite a few pebbles to upgrade all of these but the extra protection is worth it. Personally I had far more pebbles than twigs at this point so it was pretty easy to manage.

4 - Don't leave diagonal gaps between walls! (eg, walls that only touch by their corners) because enemy monsters can get through these gaps and straight into your yard.

5 - Upgrade Cannon towers as soon as possible, they're pretty weak at a base level. Your best defensive weapons are tesla and laser cannons which are strong to start with, so have one either side of your yard for a good defense. Then scatter snipers and cannons (with an emphasis of snipers) to bolster those weapons.

6 - Make use of the baiter! Test your defenses, watch the paths that the monsters take. Place mines where they might go ready for a real attack. Place towers near the paths they take. Do this more if you make any big layout changes to your backyard.

7 - Keep collecting those mushrooms. Any shiny can be useful for speeding up projects or gaining extra resources.

8 - Log in twice a day to collect resources and set building projects. You only need to play for about 10 mins to get everything setup, collect mushrooms and bank all of your resources. Then you'll be setup for a bigger game later on when you can attack your enemies!

Right, well I'm off to learn about attacking the hard way (time for my revenge Muhahaha) and I hope you'll join me for my report next week on that!


  1. i am a level 29 and i agree with him. test your defense. but more importantly back up your towers so that defense towers are not isolated. also use catapolt to destroy monster bunker so that it doesn't work