Sunday, 26 December 2010

Backyard Monsters on the Offensive! Attacking Tips and Tricks

It might have seemed unsporting to attack now, but he'd attacked me in a similar situation! Plus I could get in just near those pebble shiners!
And so finally the time arrives. The time when your backyard is pretty tough, well defended, resources are strong and you start spending time in the map room looking for where your new enemies are...

For me this was three human players and two AI players. Having AI in there is quite clever because it allows you to make use of your monsters without pissing anyone off. I decided to have a quick go at attacking my most recent offender, as usual someone who had attacked me without any provokation from myself. Well you just can't put up with that can you?

So I built a catapult and used some of the monsters I had saved up over time. I hadn't realised up to that point that you could specify where you want to fling your monsters to providing your aiming circle does not touch one of their buildings. On my first attack I stole aquired a small amount of putty!

After that I redesigned my backyard to be a monster producing machine! This took plenty or rearrangement and (in between test attacks) well over a week to achieve. Unless you have money to burn this really is a game of patience.

But it was all worth it (was it? was it?) when I finally saw my backyard:

My backyard as it is now...
There's still loads to be upgraded and re-arranged but I think I've sorted most of the weaker points out now after all of those attacks! But lets move onto the subject of this post...

Attacking really is a process of trial and error. Your greatest forces can be reduced to nothing in a few seconds if you're not careful.

So here are the tips I have for you:

  • Build as much housing as possible as soon as possible. This fills up fast and it's incredibly frustrating when you haven't got enough.
  • You'll need a level 5 town hall before you can launch any serious attacks.
  • Send in a variety of monsters because
    • Different monsters prefer different targets
    • Monsters move at different rates and can distract defensive towers away from monsters who target silos and resources.
  • Have a good think about where to attack. Look at the type of towers and pretend you were the defender. Where are the weak spots?
  • Build and upgrade monster academy's if and when you can. These add a much needed boost, especially to powerful yet slow monsters!
  • Do not be discouraged if you loose all of your monsters in an attack! Remember what happened and change your tactics.
  • Attack AI players (these are called tribes and should be marked differently on the map) as this will give you plenty of practice before attacking real people's you get awards for destroying their town halls!
I may have some more once I'm at top level with all monsters but for now I hope that helps people! Good luck with your attacking!

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