Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2 News - Map Pack + Vietnam

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - One of the best shooters of 2010, has released some juicy news for us!

New Map Pack 7

A new map pack has been released, going live December 1st! Wait! That's today!
The pack contains 4 new maps, as detailed in the above release video, and most importantly, it's Free! The game's got a bit stale recently with lack of modding tools for the community, so this pack is a breath of fresh air into the game! But what's most important is that even though they're bringing out the Vietnam expansion, they're not isolating the community that may not buy the expansion. Big brownie points this time round EA!

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Vietnam

The long awaited expansion pack for BFBC2 has been given an official release date!
It's being released on the 21st of December - Conveniently in time for Christmas! If you're going to get it, be sure to get it then, you'll be able to fly through the ranks when plenty of "Newbie Cannonfodder" come online to play. If I had a .wav file of an evil cackle, I'd embed it right here!

Here's a new video to whet your appetite! Fiery!

Order it through the EA Store or Steam and get 3 days early access! The expansion is retailing in the UK for £9.99

Being Steam fanbois here at PCGR - We'd suggest getting it through Steam, so much easier than the EA Store.
Pre-purchase is now online! So if you're particularly eager, go and get it pre-ordered and enjoy it on the 18th of December!

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