Monday, 20 December 2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Tips'n'Tricks - RUSH

With the upcoming expansion coming up, you'd better dust off that rifle, polish your boots and stand to attention ready for action!

We're going to remind you of some Tips'n'Tricks to keep you lot alive out there! We know what you lot are like. In one ear, out the other. Just like the bullet that finished of Pvt. Perkins! We'll start with the concepts Rush is built on...

Yes soldier, it will be itemised! Now stop asking questions and pay attention dammit!

Attacking an MCOM

Few ways of going about this tricky situation -

Run'n'Gun - Give them a show of force. Run in, all guns blazing, taking down all the defenders around the spawn point. Drop onto the bombsite and set it! Then either make a hasty escape, or sit and defend your proud accomplishment. Few problems with this though:
  • You may fail at the initial "Run" part. And get cut down before you get there. Poor effort
  • You may fail at the "Gun" part. Get there, then kackhandedly shoot everything except the enemy. I've seen it happen!
  • Both of the above scenarious mean the MCOM will be untouched, and you'll look like a pleb
Effectiveness: Not great. Send the meatshields forward to do it!

Team Run'n'Gun - Again, showing them what your made of. Get a bunch of your team mates to run forwards with you, get them to lay down covering fire while you plant the explosives. Finish up, and cover it!
  • Your team mates may be blind. Useful!
  • Even if there's a group of you, you're sitting in the open. Could get picked off faster than a scab on a child's arm!
  • Booby traps - Enemies like "Decorating" the MCOM with C4. Boom. Four of ya, stone dead!
Effectiveness: Only good with a squad you know and trust

Exploderation - That's a technical term that is! This means heavy use of explosives (If you hadn't guessed) You can sit on the sidelines like the wuss you are, and fire RPGs in from a distance, or use the tank to damage it, or if you're more manly (Grr!) you can stuck in and "Decorate" it with your own flavour of C4!
  • Ensures it will get destroyed by constant RPG fire. Although Rocketeers are likely to get picked off by snipers
  • Can take a while, especially if you're doing it on your own
  • Will get you plastered with the term "Noob" as it's deemed the "Lame way"
Effectiveness: Pretty good if you're a noob!

Blowin' Smoke - Drop smoke on the MCOM, bail in like its nobody's business, plant under the cover of your smog! Stand back and cover it! Any of them running through the smoke will be a prime target for you. Keep some heavy fire down on the MCOM to stop any would-be defusers! Spamming with grenades is also a favourite, as well as every other piece of kit which can be thrown. Excluding underpants...
(Equipping smoke is an alternative to the Grenade Launcher)
  • You have to part with your Noobtube (Grenade launcher) aww... diddems!
  • Smoke can work in their favour too, allowing them to defuse
  • They may spam the point with grenades and such the second smoke's dropped
Effectiveness: Highly effective! Hide, Plant, Kick ass. Sorted!

Defending an MCOM

This old chestnut!
Besides just reading the above, and turning the disadvantages into advantages, Ill actually write something okay?

Sit'n'Snipe - Some people take their MCOMs very personally, and would hate to see a scratch on that lovely steel case which its housed in. These people are seen hiding in the treelines, or within buildings, anywhere out of sight. They look like Wookies, and are about as human as one.
Find a nice spot, and keep an eye on the MCOM station. Anyone who comes up to plant a "Present" give them something to make their head spin! (That's subtlety for a headshot by the way...)
If you must use this tactic, drop a Motion Sensor nearby to help team mates!
  • You could miss. That would be mighty foolish. You may even have to return to your home planet. Wookie!
  • You could get sniped while sniping by another sniper. Snipetastic!
  • They could drop smoke on the point, rendering you blind. Mortar strikes could clean it up, but can't be relied upon
Effectiveness: So so... Need to be a crack shot, and there only be 1 planter at a time

Camp - Similar to the Sniping one, except down on the ground rather than half way up a tree with the squirrels. It can be effective, but if they pick you off, the MCOM is theirs for the taking! You'll need a very defensive position and a hell of a lot of ammunition and medical supplies. They'll soon get wise to where you are, and employ tactics to dislodge you. Most likely something very explosive. You'll rack up a few kills, but will inevitably get shot
  • If the whole team sits in one strong point. Several of you could die at once
  • You will get shifted once they get wise
  • No one likes a camper
Effectiveness: Will work at times, but not a foolproof method!

Rig it! - Cover the MCOM with C4! Anyone nearby? Make sure there are just a couple of smouldering boots left! Very useful against groups of more than one planter, and can be done from a distance if the enemy's out of range of your gun. Buuuuut...
  • If you die, so does your C4... Hm... Could be a problem
  • C4 could get shot and prematurely detonate, meaning you have no defensive measure on the MCOM
  • Only got a single use! You could run in and plant it again, but well... er... We won't get into that. It's single use!
Effectiveness: Variable. Lots could render it useless

Hold the Line - This is keeping a frontline of soldiers ahead of the MCOM station. This ensures that anyone who does break through, will get nicely swept up by any team mate moving towards the front! It runs along the same principle of "The best defense is a good offense" - Keep them at bay from the surrounding area of the MCOM. If they want to break through, they'll have to get through the entire team. No mean feat!
  • If your team is outnumbered, the front may not hold
  • Idiot team mates trying to be snipers could cause problems too, especially if they're not worth their salt
  • Stragglers who do manage to break through can possibly cause havoc by outflanking and attacking from the rear (Ooher!)
Effectiveness: Best method so far! Hold them back and watch the tickets melt away!

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