Friday, 24 December 2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam - Verdict!

As you all know the hugely awaited Battlefield Bad Company 2 Expansion has been released!
I got it on the pre-order to try and be one step ahead of you lot (Ha!) and here's my opinion of it!

Purchase Problems

I own Retail BFBC2, and bought the expansion pack on Steam. However, this Does Not Work.
If you own Steam BFBC2, buy Steam Vietnam
If you own retail BFBC2, buy Vietnam from EA Store.
Saves you a lot of time, I spent ages trying to get things sorted with Steam over refunding the payment. They did get around to it, no questions asked, but the delay was pretty long and it's just not something you want to mess around with. So! On to the game!

Teething Problems

I received my code, entered it, and immediately got told "Invalid CD Key" - Great. Tried re-entering it several times, each time it denied it. So, pretty annoyed, I closed the game, restarted and tried again. Still nothing. Then I found the solution.

Log in. Log out. Log back in. Enter CD Key. Happy days

Not amazing on their part. Then the problem was all about connection. The inability to connect to about 95% of servers due to problems on the EA Server side. If you haven't guessed by now, I didn't actually get on to test it for quite a while!
But I eventually got in! Only to have all of my unlocks disappear - Hm... I'll leave it a day

+1 Day

Logged back in, hoping the problems would be over. Not quite. Still a few connection and unlock problems but I persisted and eventually got a decent amount of playing in to write this review!

The Game Itself

You're delved into the Vietnam War, playing either as the US Army or the North Vietnamese Army (NVA). Just a note though, this is a Multiplayer Only expansion. Remember that!
They've charged a rather modest £9.99 for it, not bad I think you'll agree! But it doesn't matter how much or how little it costs, it's all down to whether it's worth the money.

The maps are what you'd imagine. Plenty of jungle! They've really put work into making the environment atmospheric.
You see leaves blowing from the bamboo while hearing the calls of birds in the distance. Slowly being drowned out by the M48 Tank trundling up the dirt path with its radio blaring out. Ducking for cover in a fearn, you hear the Huey chopper making a strafing run above you, cutting down your team mates while you hear their cries of inbound danger! The crack of a sniper rifle bullet cuts right past you, telling you that you've been rumbled. You dive into an NVA hut, trying desperately to take cover. But you've been spotted. A hail of bullets pierce the straw walls, hitting you and wounding you. You know you've got no chance, so you decide to go out in style! Showing the US Army the lethality of your AK in a final ditch attempt to save your team!

I hoped you enjoyed that story! Now. I'll get around to the detail now. I promise!

You've got 4 maps to wage war on. With a 5th to be released when 69,000,000 team actions are counted - So get playing as a team the rest of you! I want my new map!
The weapon variety is pretty limited, 15 new weapons with the addition of a few ones brought across from Vanilla BFBC2 (Such as the 870 shotgun and Thompson SMG) as well as a few new vehicles. The weapons make a nice change, but perform quite differently compared to in Vanilla, some need to be adjusted as they're extremely unbalanced at the moment. For example, the Medic's RPK can just be fired constantly and nearly every bullet will land on its target perfectly. Hm... That ain't right!

The vehicles are a nice thought too, everyone loves a new bit of military hardware. Sadly the Jeep handles like a block of cheese, so loses it's "Wow! A Willys Jeep!" factor, (Or maybe that's just me who thought that?) The Huey helicopter's good too, but it is a Spawnkilling Machine! Armed with rockets, and 2 Machine Gunners, the Huey can cut down swathes of enemies. Sounds good if you're on the Attacking team. But defending against it is a joke at times. People don't seem to understand that the Huey can be damaged with small arms fire!
Yeh, you read it here guys! Please shoot it with your rifles! When it's only me doing it, I get torn a new one! So I'd much prefer you all to shoot it too; lowers the chance of me getting torn a new one! Got it? I'm glad. Moving swiftly on!

Your KDR

This is the level of how good you are; your Kill/Death Ratio.
Don't expect it to be as high as it usually is in Vanilla. The way the game is constructed, you will inherently get shot in the back plenty of times. You'll walk past what you think is a bush... Only for the bush to whip out an AK and burst fire you with bullets. That's right. Bullets. Because it isn't a bush, it's a soldier who looks like a bush.
Soldier. Not bush!

To start with, you may find the initial increase in death quite irritating. But you need to realise it's essentially a different build to Vanilla. The same game play rules don't apply. But don't worry, you'll soon get the hang of it and start enjoying it!

Worth it?

I was slightly disappointed being perfectly honest. But then again, with modern advertising it's easy to get overexcited about something (Not that their adverts at all effect me in the slightest!) For £9.99 you really can't complain though. It's a fun little addition, makes a change, and can be great fun playing it with a group of mates!
Once they sort out a few things it will be a lot more enjoyable. Not too many things need to be sorted, just a few:
  • Connection problems (Not being able to connect)
  • Unlock problems (Losing your unlocks at random times)
  • Huey imbalance
  • Medic weapon imbalance
Once they're sorted, it should be a nice addition to the Battlefield family! Whoever their testers are though, should be stuck in the naughty corner!

It's atmospheric, good fun and has a small learning curve making it different from Vanilla. If you feel like a change, or just something to break out your usual BFBC2 gaming, this is well worth it. If you love BFBC2 how it is, and are more than happy with what you have, I'd say leave it for a bit.

81/100 (Would have been higher if not for the typical poor release problems)

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