Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Beat Hazard! Blast from the Future

Or something to the title's effect...

Beat Hazard is a 2D shooter where you have to blow up ships, meteorites and the occasional oldschool "Boss" (Of a spaceship of course) while listening to your music blasting away in the background! You have a couple of weapons at your disposal. The lasers that burst out of the front of your spacecraft are made superfluous compared to the Superbomb you can unleash.

Yes, you heard me (Or read me...?) correctly. Superbomb. When you're getting over-run, your Warp drives shot out, and Scotty's stuck in sickbay due to a plasma-ion burn, deploy your Superbomb! A ripple of light, and colour radiates out from your vessel, wiping space clean of any detritus (Apart from yourself of course) giving you space to breathe. Not literally though. It's a vacuum and all that!

The looks are very visually active. It works on the beat and rhythm to your music, the more hectic the song, the more hectic the fighting. So ignore the slow, quiet instrumental music, and break out the tunes that have some real beat on the go! As you're playing, you get different drops from your spacey victims. Multipliers, Volume Increasers, Powerups and Superbombs all add to your score! You're aiming to reach "Beat Hazard" when you get your Volume or Weapon Power up to its max! Then it really kicks off!

Your lasers go from a wimpy little blaster, to a veritable cacophony of neon death! The screen fills with projectiles flying left, right and centre. Spaceships come in from behind, you turn to face them, while dodging flying fragments of meteorites, and keeping an eye on the path of those seeking missiles they've fired at you. There's such a huge number of things to think about, kill and avoid! All this while getting your brain frazzled by the sheer volume of colour being blasted at you! It's certainly a game you have to keep your eyes on, that's if they haven't already melted from the optical bombardment they're put under!

The concept is an upgraded version of Asteroid in essence. But with the addition of your own music creating the atmosphere, it doesn't feel dated or a recycled game from the past. It's fresh and new; perhaps a little bit too blingy in appearance though (Your eyes will need to take breaks from it regularly). However, it's pretty limited in variety. Everything's much the same, no matter what song you put on, the same will happen. Although technically it's infinitely replayable, it will soon lose the gloss of a new game, and sink into the background amongst other larger titles.

Worth a stab at the demo to see if it's your thing, but I wouldn't pay full price for it

[Score: 68 out of 100]

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