Friday, 3 December 2010

Black Ops Bragging Rights!

Been playing some Black Ops online recently, ranking up, pwning noobs, and if I'm being completely honest, rage quitting on occasion! However, everyone has a little moment of sunshine when they play a game. You know what I mean, when you achieve something in a computer game that you could actually bow because it's that impressive. Well, I had one of those very moments last night while playing, and it being Black Ops, you can already tell it was something to do with killing pixels. Man... I killed them pixels good I did!

In fact, I killed them pixels that good (Along with the English language while writing this) that I thought it was worthy of a small video, a little icon of worship perhaps.

Yes. That's right. 5 kills with the Valkyrie Rocket!

Ok... I admit. Skill wise, it isn't that amazing. It's a group of people rather stupidly bunched up together. But! BUT! 5 kills with 1 rocket. Oh yeah!
Also I thought it looked quite comedic, I particularly like the ballerina like spins! Damn nimble them Russkis!

*There were no people injured or killed in the making of this film. Plenty of evil pixels were destroyed though*

1 comment:

  1. I like how the prone dude is the one to take off skyward from the blast, while the others just kinda twirl.