Thursday, 2 December 2010

Black Ops - Multiplayer Game Guide - Tips And Tricks

You've entered the highly competitive world of
Call of Duty

Now, listen up Greenhorn! You're going to need to make sure you can defend yourself out there! As well as getting yourself a few dog tags for your personal collection on the way!

...and one thing before we start. We ain't allowing any of that camping namby-pamby crap y'hear!? So put that tent down and fall in!

The Environment

You're going to be stuck in an area a sardine would consider snug, so you're going to need to remember a few things when you're out in the hot zone.

You ain't Rambo! Go tearing around a corner, and you're gonna get torn a new one sonny. You need to be cautious. If you're constantly sprinting everywhere, the second you meet someone, they've got the drop on you. By the time you come to a halt to fire your weapon (As you can't while running) they've already filled you with lead. Corners, stairs and around windows and doors, make sure you're walking. Run by them and it's almost a dead cert you're going to lose.

Don't get too comfy either... You're on duty remember! The spawn system isn't the brightest invention ever, so keep your wits about you. The number of times someone will spawn behind you is ludicrous, so remember to look over your shoulder once in a while, especially if you know you're in enemy territory. You'll find a lot of people who spawn behind you will think "KNIFE KILL!" and go sprinting for you - Headset's come in useful with these types. Hearing those massive stomping Size 10s coming for you ensures you can do a quick 180 degree spin and plug the sucker!

Keep your head down when Killstreaks come in. When you hear over the radio "Enemy B52 Bomber in bound" - Don't go looking for it! It's not a bloody shooting star! Same goes for the Huey and the Cobra Helicopters. That thing they're pointing at you isn't a camera; and the parts they're churning out aren't film cases!

Gameplay Styles

Don't be conservative with your ammunition. Close quarters, just spray away, may seem a bit unskillful, but it's the best way to defend yourself. If you try and aim every shot, you'll be turned into puree after receiving a full clip from Mr. Nasty. Of course this doesn't count for snipers, but then again, I class you as the next group of people that are being discussed below...

Campers. Besides this being incredibly wussy and against protocol you simply won't last. You'll get away with the first muppet running past you, maybe the second if he's a bit slow, possibly a 3rd victim if he's from Norfolk. But beyond that, you're a sitting duck. Walls are paper thin in parts and the rooms are small. A quick blind spray from the opponent through the wall will have you writhing on the ground.
You're not fishing lads. Get stuck in!

Animalistic Strategic Manouevering aka Bunny Hopping/Dolphin Diving. These are the genetic throwbacks that still echo within the games. Although I massively disapprove of this practice, in Call of Duty: Black Ops, it's one of the only ways to stay alive. When some Son of a Gun meets you in a dark alley. Hit the deck! Firing as you do it! Don't bother with the iron sights if he's pretty close, but at least try to point the gun in the right direction! The immediate ducking gives you the upperhand even if the opponent beat you on reaction speed. As they start firing, you'll go beneath their line of fire, saving yourself from the damage, and in dropping to the floor, your crosshair nicely drops over them to fire as you please. By the time they adjust their aim, you should have either killed them or done sufficient damage that no matter if they still shoot you, they'll drop before you do.
I feel dirty after writing such advice now...

Komedy Kit is a no-no soldier! Sure some of the weapons look fun, but if you want to succeed on that digital battlefield, you have to dress for success! Ballistic Knife, hm, I'd rather have something that fired a few more deadly things like another gun. Sure the Ballistic Knife is 1 shot one kill, but miss that first shot and you're somewhat boned. However, a trusty sidearm like a Colt .45 will serve you well - Ignore the Dual Wielding perk though. Waste of time entirely! Nice starting set up when you're new to the game is the MP5, even the computer setup's a good one to start with. Get yourself some points and ranks with the MP5 and adjust your kit from there.

Other Tips'n'Tricks

Claymores are your friends! Alright, I know it's an absolute pain getting killed by the little blighters, but if you're defending (Not the DEFENDING not CAMPING) a bomb site for example, drop one covering your rear end and point yourself in the other direction. If placed properly, even if the enemy comes steaming around the corner, it should clip him with the blast.
On the other end of the claymore stick, if you see one, don't try and run or jump over it, there isn't a Kangaroo Boots perk that I know of. Shoot it or drop a grenade near it to set it off - Don't stand within range though!

Get that knife of yours sharpened! The way the knife has been created within the game makes it a close range superweapon! Meet someone face to face, guns have no importance; the phrase "Bringing a knife to a gunfight" seems to be ironically swapped here. A quick stab at your V button will neatly carve your opponent where he stands. Also, don't think you have to be so close that you can smell the coffee on Mr. Russki's breath; the knife has a good 3ft range (For some reason...). You'll quite often witness people gliding across the floor to plant the blade in someone that's technically out of reach.

It's all smoke and mirrors! Well, kind of, more smoke than anything. If you see a smoke grenade thrown down on a control point, or a bombsite, don't just sit there scratching your head thinking "Well, I can't see anything..." - Smoke's being dropped for a reason. Give it a couple of seconds, and lob your own explosive in to join the party, it's pretty likely someone will be sitting reasonably close to it. Alternatively, punch a few holes in the smoke with a nice burst from your gun, bet you'll clip someone if you do it! However, don't go sprinting in yourself, as you don't know where the cloud ends, and you could end up running out the other side and being greeted by the business end of some killing contraption.

Have some sense with your killstreaks. If you're calling something in that you control, say the RC-XD, don't just stand in the open while you use it; you're a sitting duck! Find some little hiding place to use it. You'll get popped within 5 seconds if you use it in the open. Come on lads, it's a bit of common sense surely!?

Wager Matches! If you're any good at them, great way to earn yourself a bit of cash. 500 credit buy in with the chance of winning 1500, 900 or 600. The tactics in all these game types are playing conservatively. Top 3 players get the dough. So if you go running around like a child fuelled on caffeine, you're going to be donating points to other players when you get killed, bumping them up on the leaderboard. Stay cautious and keep your wits about you, again, headsets come in handy here! Just to mention as well, camping won't get you anywhere, with only 6 people in these game modes, not enough people will pass your hiding spot to guarantee you a winning position. So man up, and get stuck in!
Side note: If you suck at Wager Matches, don't waste your money playing them, you may rank up, but you aren't going be able to buy yourself some better weaponry.

Ranking up from scratch! If you've joined the game after the original release date, you may be struggling to get the scores you usually get because the other players outgun you. When you start getting unlocks, don't just buy every gun you can - Save it for the good ones! A good first kit to start off with is when you unlock the FAMAS (Around Rank 16 I think) - The FAMAS will certainly help boost your performance and get you levelling faster, killing the Day One Superstars!

I think I've just about covered everything! So, enjoy! And remember soldier... No Camping!


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