Thursday, 2 December 2010

Casual Corner - Kings Smith 2 review (ish)

Running Pillow have recently released their latest creation: Kings Smith 2!

I reviewed Kings Smith a while ago and this is, as you would imagine, very similar but the concept has been tweaked and built upon a fair bit.

Okay so you start very basic with a smithy and a worker. The smithy can turn rusted objects (like swords, shields, etc..) into workable versions without rust and this process requires Iron and Workers. To start making money the best way it to buy in cheapo rusted stuff from the traveling arms dealer and re-sell that on once it's been repaired.

Soon you get a goldsmiths, a jewellers and finally an enchanters that all add extra value to your wares (and of course require more expensive resources and more workers.)

It's a neat and scalable system which is helped by the occasional odd request, creating many nails or weapons to help save npc characters who will help you throughout the game.

In addition to the previous game there are now special magic cards you can play to give you an edge. These last for a set time limit and can only be used once but are extremely useful. For instance the troll card makes a troll appear who will "convince" others that they should sell low and buy high from you!

Another new feature is Monkeys! Oh yes monkeys now come and attempt to disrupt your faithful workers, jumping into your camp and screaming away you can hush them up by hitting them with a stick! (Do not worry, no monkeys were really harmed in the making of this game.) Once subdued a monkey will actually join your collection of workers and enables you to complete tasks more quickly.

There's a story which continues from the previous game, featuring Anya and her kidnapping. Then it follows her adventure to return and eventually save the kingdom. It's not completely basic but it's not especially ground breaking, however it's nice to have at least some driving force to the gameplay and the special missions fit in nicely with it.

The music is really nice, I especially liked the rendition of Greensleeves that plays occasionally. I'm sure I noticed my favorite tune from the previous game too. The sounds of the customers always makes me laugh too, the way some of them say "hellooo" is great. Although some of them sound quite out of place?

I'm a bit of a time-management fanatic (as I've mentioned before) so anything along these lines is great fun and Kings Smith certainly scratches the itch. There's a ton of levels to get through which takes a few hours so you'll get your money's worth...

Finally I should mention that if you spot any english mistakes then I'm to blame here! I offered some complimentary proof reading services to the guys who took me up on it. I still noticed a couple of issues when I played the game through so apologies for that! Blame me! Me!

Anyway, you can get this wonderfully magic time management game from bigfishgames or the Running Pillow site itself

[Score: 76/100]


  1. Thanks for a nice review. I bought the game and I must say that it is a pure FUN! Thanks

  2. No prob! Thanks for reading and commenting!