Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Gaming!

Christmas is a time for being together. For family and happiness and all that... *Add some more festive fuzzyness yourself*

But, we all know what it's really about don't we...

Ripping the cellophane off that new game and bunging it in the PC to "Just see what it looks like" - Then sitting there for countless hours, during your holidays, having a good old secondary binge (The primary binge being the alcohol and food) enjoying your latest gift. Still counts if it was a gift to yourself though!

And just think, you are being social and spreading festive cheer. Through the medium of carnage!

"That Russki over there aaaaalways wanted a collection of 7.62 rounds"
"Well, I wouldn't want to let him down at this time of year. It's a time for sharing after all"
"Aw, how kind! He brought the cranberry sauce for later!"

Okay... maybe not quite so brutal and explicit. But you get the idea!

Here's a sneaky idea though (Don't let your significant other see this lads)
There a new game out that you quite fancy? Does it have multiplayer? yourself a son who's into gaming? Sorted. Buy a copy for him and you, then claim it as a "Bonding" activity. There's nothing like a good old bit of hardcore gaming with your family members by your side! It's teaching important skills afterall!
  • Improves communication (Locating the enemy)
  • Improves their vocabulary (Well... it depends on how much the parent rages)
  • Improves hand-eye co-ordination (Can't snipe with a wobbly hand can ya!?)
  • Other stuff - I'm not giving you everything. Use your imagination!

What's on your list then?

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