Friday, 10 December 2010

Left4Dead2 - Andy didn't survive...

Decided to have a good old game of Left4Dead2 last night we did! But you know, being achievement hungry, thought we'd do it with a little twist. Melee Only.

Sharpen those Katanas gents (and lady) - We're going in!
Even though it's Left4Dead2, we decided to have a go on No Mercy, an original Left4Dead map but with all the goodies added that the sequel brought! We started on the roof, with that cinematic helicopter scene we all know and remember, but from the start, disaster struck. Only a single melee weapon! And that wasn't the worst of it... It was a baseball bat... No self-respecting British citizen can wield a Rounders bat! It's a sport for girls! Even if the ball is being replaced for a zombie skull, just no... Cricket bat or nothing!

However, hearing the hordes of zombies begging to be put out of their misery, Rounders bat it was... We like to supply a high quality of service to our zombie counterparts. Up close and personal, swift shots to the noggin, all that jazz. Can't tell you how tempting it was to pop a zombie or two with the handgun as only one of us had the baseball bat though! However, we managed to desist until some other handy utensils were uncovered, like the crowbar. Gordon Freeman wannabe!? Right here! ...ah, the days of smashing headcrabs with the crowbar. Good times.

As you can guess, we encountered some problems with demanding fisticuffs with the zombies. Boomers proved rather difficult. So difficult in fact, we couldn't think of a solution of how to get around them without covering ourselves in goo. Volunteer anyone? Just think of it as poking a balloon with a needle... Although the balloon is full of puss, and doesn't so much leak as er, explode. And also less of a stabbing motion, more of a slashing motion... Oh what the hell, you've got life insurance right? Man up and do it then!


"It will come off in the wash" - Oh aye yeh, I forgot laundromats are still common place in a zombie apocalypse aren't they!

We managed to fight our way through the first part of the campaign, and I think we were all getting rather confident about our abilities. But! Where did the Witch have to park her arse? You got it. Right in the way of the Safe Room!

"Right... another volunteer?" - Bill
"I'm not going to risk getting my clothes ripped! This is designer!" - Zoe (What a typical girl eh? I know, I'm thinking what you are, zombie apocalypse. No chance)
"Let's just run past her" - Francis

All the team members heard this, apart from Louis. Unfortunate for him!
As Bill passes, she looks around
As Zoe passes, she's starting to stand up, knowing something's going on
Frances bobs past her as well. She isn't a happy bunny, she's screaming... Someone's in for it!
Louis, not having paid attention, waltzes into her. Consequently having his face turned inside out. Not that heroic now was it Louis? Almost embarrassing as being the victim of "First Blood" in any other game eh?

[The view from the other guy (Andy)]
Melee only? I think it's crazy. I'm sure loads of people have done this before but not us...

It almost worked, it really did. I'd not played the first campaign from the original game within the sequel so it was a bit strange having all the new weapons and stuff littered around the place. Not that it was a bad thing but I sooo wanted to use that AK-47 that I'd picked up.

Eventually, having joined a bit later than the others, I found the agreed upon Katana and got into the swing of things (ho ho.)

Most of the game was me watching Alistair run into hoards of zombies flailing about with an expression of mild concern on my face. Should I rush in too? Would I hurt Alistair if I did? Would I care?

The crescendo moments were actually less scary in comparison to rest of the game because you're already worried about getting hit by anything and the special zombies were actually less of a threat (aside from the boomers as Alistair has pointed out) because they fall easier to a sword than they do to bullets!

However despite the rest of the groups suicidal tenancies me and Louis (my trusty AI sidekick) had watched over the group well (I'm taking unnecessary credit here, can you tell?) That was, until, we got to the last segment of the level, you know, with the showdown at the top of the hospital?

It wasn't a total loss, we'd survived for some time, even against two tanks several boomers (and that's no mean feat playing melee only) and even a couple of smokers - you kind of have to make a beeline for them and chop em quick.

Then at the very end of the level a final tank thumps me off the side of the building when I had almost full health. Hows that fair eh? EH? My sidekick was already dead so it was only Alistair and his significant other. However the moment he got onto the "Roflcoptor" she had suffered before the tank as well and was incapacitated so only he survived.

Lucky Wotsit, we should have all got that achievement! Maybe next time...

Survival of the fittest Andy... Survival of the fittest...


  1. I only just noticed Alistair's cheeky comment at the end...cheeky bugger! :P

    We'll have to do a vs game to decide this...