Tuesday, 14 December 2010

LEGO - Digital Designer!

It's like playing with LEGO, but without having to clean it up! ...or standing on that brick that sticks in your foot and hurts like hell!

I bet everyone has at some point in their life played with LEGO, but there was never quite enough of it to build that castle you wanted to finish! Well, this program takes that out of it. It's a CAD program, but rather than having difficult XYZ axes with all fancy tools, you use LEGO bricks. Genius!

There's a massive number of bricks (Strange that isn't it?) and you can build literally anything! It's a fantastic piece of software! Even if you aren't interested in LEGO, you'd most likely find it good fun to have a mess about with. It's a free download, you can't complain!

Now this is the neat little thing they've added to make it worthwhile for both parties. You can have your model built, in real LEGO bricks! Make your design, and buy it (The prices are kinda high, but it's a personalised model!) You even get a personalised box with the picture of your model on it! Now that is cool!

So all I can say is...
Get Creating!

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