Thursday, 16 December 2010

The Machine - Christmas Update!

The Bumpkin Brothers which I have no affiliation with at all (ahem, that ladies and gentlemen is an outright lie) have released their christmas update to The Machine, that great puzzling of puzzlers.

Update: The Machine is on sale for only £1.25! Click here!

Want to know what this update of updates includes? To find out what wonders it beholds continue to read on...

Go onnnn, I made the music so I'll be upset if you don't! Plus there's a great trailer for it below...

It now has;

  • 15 new ‘overtime’ levels, which even the most hardcore machinist should find taxing.
  • 2 new machine pieces - move blocks through space and time with the teleporter and wrap them up with the wrapper!
  • 3 new awesome tunes to listen to as you build
  • New customisation options let you control the look of the world, as well as letting you try out 2 new ‘themes’ - want to play in space or out at sea? Now you can!
  • The new level structure makes it easier to try out different levels if you get stuck
 Isn't that awesome, but the best part is the awesome video!

Click here to try the demo out via Impulse!

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