Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Please try not to Die2Nite - Free Browser Based Co-op Game!

I was hoping that this post would be a hearty reccomendation for this well presented browser based game. Well I guess it's still pretty positive but I'll get to the problems later...

Browser games come in all shapes and sizes and this one falls very much into the player-management side of things. The graphics are fairly minimal but it kind of works for it and everything you do is menu/UI driven.

The gist of the game being that you are thrown into a town with 39 other residents and heroes (we'll get to them later too!) The whole idea being that you co-opperate with your fellow residents to keep the town safe from the hoards of zombies outside each day.

You get 6 action points to start with when you awaken and these can be spent walking around the world, searching for useful objects and/or helping out with construction tasks around the town. There are a lot of useful items out there that are needed to build additional defenses but strangely it felt like we were always, always short of "twsited planks". Very strange.

Anyway, moving around the map is done via a small interface within the browser window with 4 directional arrows around the edge. You can access a map to see which areas are most likely to have useful items within them. If you travel too far you may run out of Action Points before you get back to town, and you don't want to be left outside during the night! You can then take your water rassion (if you remember to pick one up) or eat something to gain additional Action Points to get back to town.

If you run into zombies on your travels however you're likely to get into more trouble. 1 or 2 zombies can be moved away from with no problem, however 3 or more and you're trapped! Unless you have a weapon or are a hero (more on this later still) your best bet is to run for it, even if you get injured the likelyhood of killing zombies with your bare hands as a standard citizen are nil.

Back at town the contruction projects were my favourite part of the game. Deciding with the other citizens what to build (via built in forums) was fun and it's amazing how human the other players can be and they'll often decide to just do what they feel is right rather than coming to a group decision. This wasn't as annoying as it sounds but was actually quite funny, some people were taking it far more seriously than others.

Each night you'll need someone to close those gates before 11:40pm, otherwise it's zombie-city! One of the most often built structures seemed to be the watch tower which, if everyone took a turn looking out from it, would give a good indication of how big the attack will be the next day. If your defences are equal or larger than the zombie count that night then you'll survive, otherwise zombies will probably get into the town and start ripping citizens apart! Nasty...

So you're probably wondering after hearing all these fun facts about the game what my problem is with it? My major problem is the hero system and the cost if you want to be a hero. Being a hero sounds great, you get to choose from one of 3 additional classes that have better traits that a citizen and can help out your town more. However I've not tried playing as a hero because it costs 10 euros a month! (If you only pay for a month that is, it's cheaper if you buy longer periods.) That was a little too expensive for such a game for me, as well presented as it was I didn't think it was worth more than $3 or $4 a month, especially when you have so many fully graphical RPGs out there that you can now play for free!

Don't get me wrong, I loved the concept and if citizens were a little less rubbish to play as I'd probably play for longer. I did notice a complete absence of heros in any town I played in which was a little telling, so perhaps they're having trouble getting people to pay these prices or perhaps there's just millions of towns and only a few heroes?

You can get things done as a team (which I guess is the idea) however it demonstrates quite well how selfish humans are and how little they pay attention to what is going on which usually leads to the town doing worse than it could and finally succumbing to a fatal zombie attack before the end of the first week.

Having said all that you can play for absolutely nothing and it is an unusual concept which is well worth a quick go.

So why not give it a go by visiting the site!

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