Monday, 6 December 2010

The Polynomial - Space of the Music

The name sounds interesting enough to draw your attention to it, but on looking at the actual details, can't honestly say I fully understood it. Well, it looked pretty neat so why not!?

Now, I just said I didn't fully understand it. So if you're after an explanation during the review, you're sadly not going to get it, because I still don't understand it. However, let's crack on!

You're thrown into Space, like a spec of dust hurtling around stars and planets as gravity's play-thing, but listening to music as you do it. Your environment is created by your music. Fantastic! Upload any MP3s to the game from your music folder, make a playlist of your favourite songs and enjoy yourself.

In the settings to can adjust how the "galaxy" looks, how affected it is by beat or the melody, the strength of the wave motion, and my personal favourite - Blinkiness. Good technical term that is!

The game itself is a 360 degree shooter, you can look around everywhere, and barrel roll as you please. You're chasing down and shooting these big chompy things; they look like a bad-ass 3D Pac Men in essence. Destroying them and releasing a rainbow of light beams! Make sure to keep your allies safe too, they're the pretty things that look like digital cuttlefish, and the chompy ones are after them!

There's no clear objective to the game, you just float around and shoot things while listening to your favourite songs. Whereas this may render the game a bit pointless to most people, thinking about it, do any games have a real point to them? The Polynomial is all about enjoying your music but in a very vividly visual way and just having a bit of fun while you do it. It isn't hugely difficult and can get a bit repetitive, but if you like having a relaxing little session, incorporating your two favourite hobbies; listening to music, and shooting things. It's perfect!

The visuals are truly amazing. Not in the way that some games look almost photorealistic, but just in the way they've made space look. We all know that space is largely a cold, dark and inhospitable environment, but we see pictures like that of the Hubble Telescope; fantastic variety of colour, shapes and light. And this is what they've made the game feel like. When you first open it you think "Wow..." when you see comets streaking across the screen, while passing through a fiery cloud of dust, bouncing to the beat of your music. If you're a fan of shiny things, you'll be mesmerised by this!

As previously said The Polynomial doesn't have objectives, and you may get bored of the visuals if you're not into them, but it's well worth a little play on your lunchbreak. It's deserving of a place in any gamer's library for those moments of boredom, or just to have a change of scenery (Game wise... Not IRL. If you know that term, you're one of them). If you can pick it up for a few quid, I'd say take the plunge. It's not that much of a plunge when all said and done! You'll easily get more entertainment out of it, than how much money you paid for it.

[Score: 72 out of 100]

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